Are you haunted by the IRS?
Do you have tax bills you cannot pay?
Tax returns you have not filed?
Is the IRS threatening to take your paycheck or freeze your bank account?
Are you putting off your tax problems because you don’t know what to do?
Are you afraid that contacting the IRS will make your problems worse?
You need to get your IRS problem solved – so you can stop worrying about what the IRS might do next.

We Only Represent Consumers with Serious Tax Problems

IRS Tax Bankruptcy

If you owe over $10,000 to the IRS and truly do not have the ability to pay your taxes – you should contact me today to see what your options are.
For over 25 years, I have helped consumers end their IRS nightmares.

You have more options than you think.

If you owe less than $10,000 in taxes but also owe significant non-tax debt, then you should contact our bankruptcy department for a free consultation for bankruptcy options.

Two Powerful Solutions –

Offer in Compromise (pennies on dollar) and Tax Bankruptcy

The IRS offer in compromise program settles taxes for pennies on the dollar.

One of the best settlement options for consumers who have impossible tax debts is the offer in compromise program. I have settled many tax debts with this program but not everyone qualifies.

You have probably seen advertisements on TV promising pennies on the dollar settlements for everyone. This is simply not the case. In fact, you have to qualify under the strict IRS regulations before they will take less than what they are owed.

In order to properly present an Offer in Compromise, you need a professional who is skilled and experienced in properly negotiating your case with the IRS. I’ve seen a number of cases where poorly prepared offers have either been rejected – or the taxpayer paid much more than he should have – simply because the offer was not properly prepared.

Some taxes can be discharged in bankruptcy.

Yes. It’s true. Although you may believe taxes cannot be discharged – this is not true. I’ve discharged many taxes in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. However, discharge of taxes in bankruptcy is a complicated matter, and many attorneys who do “simple bankruptcy” cases don’t know how to handle tax matters (and a number of these attorneys send their cases to me).

Self-Help is Dangerous in Tax Matters

You would not perform a medical procedure on yourself.
Don’t try to settle your tax problem by yourself.

You could end up owing more taxes, more penalties, and paying more interest to the IRS. It could cost you MUCH more than hiring a professional in the first place.

If the IRS is sending you letters threatening to levy on your property or take your paycheck you should contact me right away. There are many strict deadlines hidden in the fine print of those letters. You will lose valuable rights if you miss a deadline.

Your IRS problem will not solve itself.

You should take action before the IRS does.

I can negotiate with the IRS for you – you won’t have to deal with them anymore.

If you have serious debt, get a local professional to resolve your tax debt

Don’t be a victim of internet scams. Deal with a Local Attorney you can actually meet and who will explain all options to you. Not a “network of affiliates” from some faceless internet company. I have been helping Miami Valley consumers with tax debts for over 25 years.

If you owe more than $10,000 in IRS tax debt, you should contact my office for a free telephone consultation. I will consult with you, initially by telephone, to determine whether your situation might be appropriate for an offer in compromise.

Because I am experienced tax and bankruptcy attorney, I can tell you what options are available to you, including a non-bankruptcy, bankruptcy, and IRS Offer in Compromise and payment plan options. Few tax professionals are experienced and qualified in all of these areas. If you want to know all of your options you should contact me right away.

Help is just a phone call away. Don’t lose another night’s sleep. Call me today.