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Richard West Law office is the Bankruptcy attorney in Dayton Ohio more people trust than any other. More Dayton Ohio consumers hire Richard West Law office for chapter 7, chapter 13 bankruptcy, and help rebuilding credit after discharging debt. 

Looking for the best bankruptcy lawyer in Dayton Ohio?

You’ve come to the right website.

Richard West Law office is the Dayton Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney more people trust than any other. More Dayton Ohio consumers hire Richard West Law office for chapter 7, chapter 13 bankruptcy and help rebuilding credit after discharging debt.

Last year 772 families filed with Richard West Law office.  More than any other firm. This speaks for itself.

While “best bankruptcy attorney in Dayton Ohio” is a matter of opinion, its a fact that Richard West has hundreds of great google reviews because of the outstanding bankruptcy service his firm provides.

If you’re looking for a bankruptcy attorney in Dayton Ohio, Richard West Law office is the one to call. Since 1986, Richard West Law office has helped thousands of Dayton Ohio consumers wipe out debt, protect their property and rebuild credit. Richard West understands you feel, and what it’s like to feel like there’s no hope, like you’ve run out of options, because he’s been where you are.  There’s no better teacher than experience.

Dayton Ohio has certainly had more than its share of challenges and misfortunes. But, you don’t have to be laid off from GM or Delco, or been wiped out by a hurricane. Most of the time we need bankruptcy because we got hurt, got sick, divorced, lost our job, or a combination of little things that eventually worked together to drown us in debt.

You need a fresh start, a full financial recovery.

And Richard West Law office is the only office with a proven program to help you AFTER you discharge debt, so you can quickly rebuild credit.

Richard West knows, as a bankruptcy attorney in Dayton Ohio, how to help you do this, because he is also a certified credit counselor.
“Personal bankruptcy, either chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy, does NOT help your credit,” explains Richard West. “You also need to recover your score AFTER you discharge your debt. I’ll help you finish the job that bankruptcy starts, but by itself cannot finish.”

When consumers need a bankruptcy attorney in Dayton Ohio, they count on Richard West Law office to help them get the right choice. And, sometimes the right choice is NOT bankruptcy.

“Many people are surprised when I show them that they have non-bankruptcy options that need to be explored first,” says Richard West. “Because I am a certified debt arbitrator, as well as a Board Certified bankruptcy specialist, I can show you ALL your options. No other bankruptcy attorney in Dayton Ohio does this.”

And, we have the largest chapter 13 operation in the Dayton Ohio area. Too often, we see people who were advised to file chapter 7 who really need to be filing chapter 13 bankruptcy to get the best result. The chapter 13 bankruptcy is a powerful tool, but many attorneys don’t recognize the many benefits of chapter 13 bankruptcy, and don’t have enough staff to handle the three to five year commitment that these cases demand.

If you’re looking for the best bankruptcy attorney in Dayton Ohio, demand MORE than just a bankruptcy. You really need a FULL FINANCIAL RECOVERY, including recovered credit. Richard West Law office provides the help and support you need to go beyond resolving the debt, to getting your credit score where it belongs.

And when this happens, you’ll really be glad you chose Richard West law office. You’ll have your life back. Just ask any of the hundreds of people who leave 5 star reviews.

You need answers. Advice. You need a plan.

Start now. Start here. Things get better here.

Here you’ll quickly find everything you need to know about options to fix your finances. This is the most complete and comprehensive website of any bankruptcy attorney in Dayton Ohio. And you can ask Dayton Ohio bankruptcy attorney Richard West questions right here on the site. Confidential. Fast.

Should you file for bankruptcy? Filing for bankruptcy is a big step – maybe it’s the right answer for you, but maybe not. Who can you trust to help you sort out ALL your options? (Fact: I recommend AGAINST bankruptcy if a different option will work.)

Richard West Law Office: Dayton Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney Specialist

Have you noticed how everybody claims to have the solution to your money problems, but nobody offers to show you how the different options stack up against the others?

Wouldn’t it be great to talk with a seasoned specialist? One certified in ALL forms of debt relief and has decades of experience solving the very problems you have? Someone to explain debt settlement, debt management programs and bankruptcy and compare them for you so you know – for certain – the right way to go.

If you’re asking yourself, “Should I file for bankruptcy?” – you really need more than a good bankruptcy lawyer – you need the best bankruptcy lawyer who is also a certified credit counselor. Your financial future is at stake! Get a true specialist – the one trusted by more clients than any other attorney, year after year.

Since 1986, over 20,000 of your neighbors have trusted Dayton bankruptcy attorney Richard West to end their stress and worry – and get their lives back.

Richard West knows how you feel, because he’s been in your shoes. Read about the tragic accident that changed his life, and how you benefit from it, on the “About Rick” tab.

For an overview of bankruptcy basics please visit the US Bankruptcy Basics website.

We service the following cities and communities outside and inside of Dayton, Ohio.

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Tony Frazee
Tony F.
11:30 21 Mar 20
The process of the initial visit, what to expect, and how the team treated me from the start is fantastic. The understanding and empathy as well as... professionalism and diligence in ensuring that we were 100% protected and our situation was handled better than I could have imagined.read more
Johnny Miller
Johnny M.
17:23 22 Oct 19
We cannot say enough about how instrumental and helpful Richard West and his staff have been in helping us get our finances, and our life, back on... track. From the minute we walked into our first appointment we knew we had a team we could trust, that was on our side to help us navigate this process. The staff is attentive and timely with any question or request we have and they have continued to be our advocate for the last two years. We just cannot thank them enough for their knowledge and support.read more
Susan Rumpf
Susan R.
21:10 27 Aug 19
Have you ever been to the point in life that you just can't handle all your Bill's. You have ask for help n gotten the reply NO or your family... doesn't have money to help. This was the case with me. I had gone to an atty months before n was told that I made too much money come back when I made less. It got me recalculating my Bill's n budget again to not have the money for all the bills, no food money, no gas money to get to work. I kept seeing a commercial on TV for Rick West n it would stick in my head. I would talk myself out of calling. He can't help me if the attorney couldn't. Then came an utility bill for $700.00 when I called they stated it was from the year before. I called again n it was the begin of this year they stated. I didn't have the money n still couldn't pay my regular Bill's. I knew I couldn't pay that bill ever. The commercial kept popping up over n over again. I saw the commercial one day n decided that I was going to call. I was stressed, crying, want to be alone, afraid I was going to loss my house n even my dogs(my babies). I was so upset n afraid but what's one more NO. I made the call n met some very friend wonderful people. They ever watched me cry n told me they could help. They ask me to bring a list of my Bill's n I carried in several files of all my Bill's n collection notices. They had so much already pulled up on the computer. I filled out the list of items needed then before I knew it I met with Rich then the court date came. They met me there n sat thur it with me. Their was no tears until I hugged his employee for all of her help n thanked her for saving my life. I now can stand tall n enjoy life with knowing can feed myself n my dogs without the stress of where will I get that money. Im bill free starting a new chapter of my life. I've learn so much on what to do n not to do with the classes. These people that work with Rick n even himself are the best friendliest helpful people you will ever met. Don't put yourself out there wondering where the money is going to come from to settle a bill. Make that phone call you will be so happy and relieved that you did. Rich's employee saved my life. Give them that one call. Thank you so much Rick West Law Officeread more
Louis Diaz
Louis D.
12:56 25 Aug 19
Awesome experience! I highly recommend this attorney!
Robert Langworthy
Robert L.
00:26 02 Jun 19
> I just wanted to thank you for all you and your staff has done for my wife and I, as we have gone through the Bankruptcy. we were at the end of the... rope , myself more than my wife, because she did not know the scope of our problems, She left our finances to me and I shielded her from our problem. You were recommended to me by a past client and after consultation you reviewed our situation and recommended action that needed to be taken, that action was just completed yesterday and now my wife and I are basically debt free and can now begin to both repair our credit. as well as not worry about having the money to pays our bills.. You and your staff treated us with respect to privacy and were very helpful through the process. I highly recommend others that were in our situation to not hesitate to seek your advice on their problem.> Robert L.read more
Toni Steen
Toni S.
03:08 13 Apr 19
Melanie Reitz is the best!! She went above & beyond to help me through a low point in my financial life and I really appreciate it. Thank you Melanie... & all the staff at Richard West Law Office for everything. You guys rock!read more