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Lebanon, Ohio is within the Cincinnati metropolitan area, and it is the Warren County county seat. The population is more than 20,000 people, making this one of the larger cities in the state, and almost 9% of this population lives below the poverty level. The land was included in the Symmes Purchase, and the city was founded in 1802 by settlers Samuel Manning, Ichabod Corwin, Ephraim Hathaway, and Silas Hurin. Today Lebanon, Ohio is called The Cedar City because of the numerous Eastern Red cedar and juniper trees in the area. In fact the name derives from the city in the bible with the same name because of the abundance of these trees.

In spite of the natural beauty and close proximity to everything that Cincinnati has to offer many residents in the area have financial difficulties and are constantly trying to make ends meet. Expert Lebanon bankruptcy lawyer and debt relief specialist Richard West offers some tips if you are trying to get debt relief and are considering bankruptcy. Experience is one of the most important considerations, this is true in almost any legal area, and the lack of experience can have devastating results in this type of legal proceeding.

Your Lebanon, Ohio bankruptcy case could be delayed, or even dismissed, just because the legal professional you chose made a small error or did not list a minor detail in the petition. As a bankruptcy attorney in Cincinnati with more than three decades of experience Richard West has seen first hand what can happen when an inexperienced lawyer makes a minor mistake in this type of case. You could end up having to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars more, or you could lose your chance at a fresh start and the debt discharge that you so desperately need.

Lebanon, Ohio never grew in the same way that Columbus, Dayton, or Cincinnati did, and many attribute this to the Shaker curse. In the 1800s a number of Shakers decided to settle in an area outside of town. Eventually disagreements between the locals and the Shaker settlers and legend has it that the Shakers placed a curse on Lebanon so that the prosperity and growth of the city was hindered. The wrong choice of a bankruptcy attorney in Cincinnati could hinder your chances at prosperity and a better future, so make sure you choose the right legal professional for the job.

For an overview of bankruptcy basics please visit the US Bankruptcy Basics website.

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