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London, Ohio, zip code 43140, is the Madison County county and home to around 10,000 people. Established in the year 1811 by Patrick McLene this city had a slow start but today it is a busy community. The First United Methodist Church once had a human milk storage facility in London for use in the orphanage, and Columbus, Ohio is only half an hour or so away depending on traffic. The London company surveyed the land for the village, and there is speculation that this is where the name London came from for the community. With 14% of the London population living at or below the poverty level many in this area struggle with finances, and may benefit from a consultation with a bankruptcy attorney,A London, Ohio bankruptcy case must be filed in Columbus, Ohio.

A chapter 7 bankruptcy case or chapter 13 bankruptcy filing is nothing to be ashamed of, good people fall on hard times and need debt relief because of their situation. Filing does not make you a bad person or someone who just doesn’t want to pay their bills. If you struggle with debt because of unexpected medical expenses, the loss of a job, or because of other factors bankruptcy can help you get a fresh financial start and the debt relief that you desperately need.

The right London, Ohio bankruptcy attorney will have years or even decades of experience with bankruptcy laws and debt relief options. A new bankruptcy attorney fresh out of law school may not understand the complexities involved in a bankruptcy case. Even a small mistake can have enormous consequences, costing you a chance at financial recovery and a fresh start. Experience is needed to make sure that there are no mistakes in the bankruptcy petition and that the process goes smoothly. The wrong bankruptcy attorney in London, Ohio could prevent you from getting the relief that you are seeking, and cost you a significant amount of time and money in the process.

A qualified bankruptcy attorney will be very familiar with the bankruptcy code. Ask if the attorney is also certified as a debt relief counselor, because this means that the lawyer can evaluate whether chapter 7 bankruptcy is the right solution or if there is another option that may provide a better outcome. Most bankruptcy lawyers are not certified in debt relief, they only handle bankruptcy. Some will not even consider chapter 13 bankruptcy because this takes longer and requires more work. A qualified bankruptcy attorney in London, Ohio is closer than you may think.

For an overview of bankruptcy basics please visit the US Bankruptcy Basics website.

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