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Could A Powell, Ohio Bankruptcy Give You A Fresh Financial Start?

Powell, Ohio, zip code, 43065, is in Delaware County, Ohio, and was settled in approximately 1801, years before Ohio was even recognized as a state. Originally called Middlebury the name of the community was changed to Powell when Judge Thomas Powell opened the first post office in the area in 1857. In 1947 the small town was recognized as a municipality. Although the poverty rate in this area is low at just over 1% there are still people who struggle with rising debt and financial difficulties. A bankruptcy attorney in Powell, Ohio, or nearby Columbus, may be able to help you find a fresh financial start and the debt relief that you are looking for.

Until the late 1980s the population of Powell, Ohio and the surrounding area remained small. This changed when residential development started expanding from the Columbus metropolitan area. In just two decades after this expansion started the population of the area skyrocketed. In 2005 Powell, Ohio was ranked #18 on the top 100 best places to live list by CNN Money and also Money Magazine. This does not mean that residents do not struggle with debt and money problems though.

Powell, Ohio bankruptcy attorney Richard West, who is also a certified credit and debt counselor, sees clients with six figure incomes frequently in his practice. These chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13 bankruptcy clients have higher incomes but also higher debts and financial responsibilities. Just because you make six figures a year does not mean that you will not qualify for bankruptcy protection if you also have higher expenses and debt payments. An experienced bankruptcy attorney in Powell, Ohio can help you determine whether you would qualify for this type of debt relief during the initial consultation.

Maybe there were medical problems and unexpected bills, maybe you lost your job or some of your income. If you feel like you will never get out from under crushing debt or you find yourself forced to choose between paying a bill or buying food for your family then a chapter 7 bankruptcy may offer a fresh financial start and the debt relief that you deserve. Often people do not consider bankruptcy protection out of shame or misplaced guilt. This allows your debt problems to spiral even further out of control and will only make things worse. A bankruptcy attorney in Columbus can explain your debt relief options, and help you finally get your finances under control.

For an overview of bankruptcy basics please visit the US Bankruptcy Basics website.

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