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What You Need To Know About Reading, Ohio Bankruptcy

Reading, Ohio, one of the Cincinnati inner suburbs and home to around 11,000 people, is a city situated in Hamilton County. In the early 1900s Reading was known as a sundown town but in spite of this dark past the city has a very diverse population today. You may not find too many highly qualified bankruptcy attorneys in Reading to choose from but there are many bankruptcy lawyers in Cincinnati who would be willing to provide a consultation if needed. Any bankruptcy case filed by a resident in this area must be filed in Cincinnati, Ohio.

There is more than one type of bankruptcy, and each is named after a specific chapter of the bankruptcy code. A chapter 7 bankruptcy will discharge most if not all debts listed and usually lasts up to 12 months. A chapter 13 bankruptcy usually includes financial oversight by the bankruptcy court, and you are expected to pay some towards your debts based on the income that you have each month. After a specific time period, usually around 3 years, any debts left unpaid are discharged and your chapter 13 bankruptcy case is closed. An experienced bankruptcy attorney in Cincinnati will be familiar with the different requirements for each type of bankruptcy, and will understand the complexities involved in this specific type of case.

With 11.4% of the population of Reading, Ohio living below the poverty level more than 1 in 10 people in the area face unmanageable debt and financial insecurity on a regular basis. During any consultation with a bankruptcy attorney in Cincinnati make sure that you are honest and truthful about everything, and that the attorney is aware of all the facts involved in your case. The bankruptcy petition requires you to list all of your income, assets, and debts completely. If you fail to do this before the petition is filed because your Cincinnati bankruptcy attorney is not aware of something this can lead to disaster.

The bankruptcy attorney in Cincinnati that you choose to represent you is very important. You want someone with decades of experience, someone who knows the local bankruptcy court and is familiar with the processes and requirements that a Reading, Ohio bankruptcy case involves. If there is even a small error the bankruptcy court could order you to start over, dismiss the case completely, or even prevent you from refiling for bankruptcy protection for years in the future. You need a Cincinnati  bankruptcy attorney who knows the ropes, someone who specializes in bankruptcy in the area.

For an overview of bankruptcy basics please visit the US Bankruptcy Basics website.

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