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Springdale, Ohio, main zip code 45246, is situated in Hamilton County, Ohio, and is home to more than 11,000 people. Springdale is one of the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio, and it is where the Kroger Cincinnati area regional offices are located. Many people could benefit from a chapter 7 bankruptcy filing or a chapter 13 bankruptcy petition because of financial problems and rising levels of debt. There is plenty to see and do in the area but if you are one of the 17.4% of the population living below the federal poverty level in Springdale, Ohio then life can be a daily struggle. The right bankruptcy attorney in Cincinnati, Ohio can help you turn your finances and your life around, giving you debt relief and a fresh financial start.

Many people struggle in Springdale, Ohio. Maybe you lost a job or suffered some other loss of income. Maybe you have unexpected medical debt piling up. No matter why you are facing hard times a Springdale, Ohio bankruptcy could be the right solution to your financial problems and rising debts. A chapter 7 bankruptcy filing does not make you a bad person or a deadbeat who doesn’t want to pay their bills. In over 30 years of experience practicing bankruptcy law attorney Richard West has seen many good people file for bankruptcy protection.  People who fell on hard times through no fault of their own.

If you find it hard to stretch your income to meet your expenses and debt payments each month then you need debt relief immediately. Many people put off consulting with a bankruptcy attorney in Cincinnati out of a misplaced sense of shame, or in the hope that things will get better, but usually the problems just get worse and spiral out of control as time goes by. An experienced Springdale, Ohio bankruptcy attorney can advise you on whether you qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, if you are a candidate for a chapter 13 bankruptcy, or any other types of debt relief that you could be eligible for.

Consult with a few bankruptcy attorneys in Cincinnati, Ohio before you make any final decision. Ask how many cases each bankruptcy lawyer handles in a typical year, and be wary if the answer is low. The bankruptcy code is extremely complex and complicated, and there are numerous mistakes that could be made because of inexperience. The simplest error could cause a big setback for your bankruptcy case, or even result in your case being dismissed outright. Discuss which tools are used to prevent any oversight or mistakes, such as checklists and additional verifications.

For an overview of bankruptcy basics please visit the US Bankruptcy Basics website.

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