Medical Bankruptcy

Medical bills cause more bankruptcy cases than you can imagine.

All of us are only one serious illness or even a single hospital stay or emergency room visit from financial ruin, and bankruptcy.

Medical bankruptcy is on the rise – and for good reason.You can discharge medical bills in bankruptcy, and there are ways to be sure you can continue to get the health care you need.

That’s important.  You can’t afford to be without health care.

But you won’t be – even if you discharge medical bills in bankruptcy.

Too many people, perhaps even you, mistakenly believe that you’ll be denied health care – not be able to see a doctor or go to the emergency room, if you discharge medical bills in bankruptcy.

Not true!

And you need to know it.


Even if you have insurance, one serious (or not so serious) illness can totally wipe you out.
One day you are humming along, finances not great, but not a problem.

You are OK.

Things are normal.
Then, out of nowhere – a medical issue hits you.
Perhaps it’s an illness.

An unfortunate accident.
Once my wife just slipped on a step. . .

Ended up with a broken ankle, (misdiagnosed) ultimate surgery, loss of work.

Took her out for about two months.

Sometimes you recover fast, but not always.

Sometimes you are just unlucky.

Then what?

Today, insurance doesn’t cover what it used to.

Sometimes you don’t have any insurance.

The deductibles are outrageous.

So, even if you do have insurance, it really doesn’t matter.

You’re sunk.

Bills so big you have no chance.

They come at you from 17 different doctors and medical billing centers.

Seems like if a doctor walked by your bed, you get a bill.

Then the collections start.
Medical bills go to collections quickly.

The hospitals write them off and the debts often get sold to collection firms.

And they are generally not very nice.

What are your options?

Negotiate the debts yourself.

Often, you can make a deal with the hospital or their collection agency.

Most of the time I see payment plans on medical debts.

If you can get them to agree to a payment plan…

And if you can afford the payments . . .

That might work out OK.

You might be able to get a payment plan that leaves you enough to keep the lights on and food on the table.

If you’re lucky.

But what if there is just not enough to go around?

What if you cannot get them to agree to a reasonable payment plan?

Or, what if you just can’t pay anymore?

What then?

If you file a bankruptcy on your medical bills, does that mean that you can’t ever go back to the hospital?

What would you do if you ever needed to go back in the future?

Fortunately, I have been helping deal with medical bankruptcy issues for nearly 30 years, and have the answers to all these questions.
You need to know how medical bankruptcy works.

How medical bankruptcy effects your future.

What medical bills you can discharge in bankruptcy?

And what the future holds if you do file a medical bankruptcy, for your future medical care.

Discharge Medical Bills in Bankruptcy

We can help.

You are not alone.

You won’t end up being shut out of medical care if you need it.

I can even tell you how to work with your primary care doctor to help make sure that you don’t get kicked out of the practice if you file medical bankruptcy.

Call today for a free phone consultation.

You’ll feel better right away.

It’ll be just what the doctor ordered.