Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney: Steve Malkiewicz




Believe or not, Steve graduated from the University of Michigan and has happily lived here in Dayton, Ohio with his two sons and wife for 16 years. If being an avid Michigan alumni and supporter is not enough to love about him, he also enjoys spending time with his family. Steve enjoys working in his yard during the summer, spending time with his family, attending his son’s swimming meets, but is also an avid gamer; enjoying many video games with both of his children to the “delight” of his wife Lourdes.

Steve’s father is polish and his mother is Mexican, which not only means a diverse background, but as he puts it, “The best Christmas dinner money could buy!” Steve is the first person in his family to obtain a doctorate degree, which works out well as being a highly skilled bowler did not lead to the professional ranks as he hoped it would.

Steve has spent numerous years as part of the American Bankruptcy Law Forum where he has presented and spoken on numerous topics with fellow bankruptcy practitioners; as well as being a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. In addition to enjoying the social aspect of these groups, they have also allowed him to become a much more knowledgeable practitioner and advocate for his clients. Steve even spent a number of years on the “dark side,” working as an attorney for a bankruptcy Trustee; and representing debtors-in-possession through complex, Chapter 11 bankruptcy. These experiences allow Steve to have a unique perspective with the entire bankruptcy system.