Ohio Bankruptcy Paralegal: Megan Bailey


Megan Bailey


Megan Bailey originally hales from the state of Michigan so if you detect a slight accent or odd pronunciation or two don’t be surprised. She has lived in Ohio for 14 years now though and enjoys the fact that the warm seasons begin at least two weeks earlier and end two weeks later than in Michigan and that 6 inches of snow in a day is a much rarer occurrence.

Megan received a Bachelor of Arts at Kalamazoo College where she graduated magna cum laude and became a member of Phi Beta Kappa. She has had many interesting previous positions including working at a Nuclear Facility, a County Correctional Facility and (oh the dread) in various Accounting Departments.

Megan loves to bake, especially for those who appreciate her talents. Lately, she has had to become more creative with her baking skills due to having a daughter with an allergy to dairy products. She has found new ways to substitute for the deliciousness of butter and cream in an equally delicious plant form. She is also an avid fantasy fiction reader and puts all that imagination and creativity as well as the desire to help people into being a great paralegal.

Her goal each time she speaks with or emails a client is to be sure they are informed and included as an active participant in their case. She truly takes her job to heart and makes it her concern to go above and beyond just a quick yes or no answer. She will always take the time to address your concerns and get them heard by the attorney.