Repossession, Bankruptcy and how to get your car back

CarYou’ve been worried about the car payment for a while.
They are calling you but you know you don’t have the money.
They won’t work with you. So what is there to talk about?
You’re doing the best you can. You’ll pay them as soon as YOU get paid.
No sooner. Because you just can’t.
Then it happens. You go to leave for work one day. Or you get off work one day.
The car is gone.
Your first instinct is to wonder who stole your car.
Then you call the police station and they give you the news.
The car is not stolen.
Its been repossessed.
Now what?
Call the creditor. They “may” let you “reinstate” the loan by paying all the missed payments,
And the current payment. And the repossession fee.
If you could do that you wouldn’t’ have been behind in the first place.
Don’t they understand?
Now how are you going to get to work? Will you lose your job?
Things were tight enough before this happened. Now you have to deal with this.
No way can you afford to buy another car.
Rentals are expensive. Do you know someone who can loan you a car for a while?
You know they will sell the car for next to nothing and you’ll owe a ton of money.
You need to get a handle on this. It’s probably the “staw that breaks your camel’s back.”
Slow down a minute. Think. You are not the only one going through this.
There has to be a way out. You know there are answers. How to find them.
And when you are struggling to get from paycheck to paycheck, it seems that there is no time to think about how to fix things. But now you must.
We can help. We deal with this every day. You are definitely NOT alone.
Cars can be replaced. Or we may be able to get the car back (creditors hate it but we have ways).
Sometimes we can even get the car back and lower your payment (take that! – repo man!).
Sometimes the car is not worth getting back.
But no matter what, you need a plan.
Not having a good plan will not only keep you stuck in the rut you are in, but it will probably get worse.
We can help. Things get better here because we know what to do. We’ll put a plan together for you.
You’ll feel better just knowing that there is a way out of this mess.
Then, after you get a good night’s sleep, you will be confident that your car will be there where you left it in the morning when you wake up.

Bankruptcy can stop repossession.

Bankruptcy can “undo” a repossession.
You can get your car back after repossession with bankruptcy.
Find out how. Call (937) 748-1749 to schedule your free consultation.