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Client Testimonials

Bankruptcy is a very personal experience. Most folks are reluctant to publicly state how much their lives improve after they file, although everyone I help tells me how much better off they are because of the filing.

"Jake's Story" will inspire you!
Ron Williamson's Story
Erik Bolton's Story
Eva Winton's Story
Terry Monroe's Story
Ruth Lawson's Story

These are just a few of the thousands of clients who have told thousands of their family members, friends and neighbors about the tremendous results and financial benefits they have experienced as a result of my program. Their stories are typical of the results all my clients achieve.

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Attorney Recommendations

Rick is the "Go-To Attorney" for many other attorneys.  Attorneys know that bankruptcy and credit recovery is a specialized area of the law, and they know that Rick is the ONLY Board Certified Specialist that they need to help them, or their clients, when they need legal counsel and advice they can rely upon.  Attorneys chose Rick West.  You should too.

"For over 20 years I've handled divorce cases and consulted with Rick to assist my clients with their financial and bankruptcy issues. I've found Rick to be exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful in helping me solve my clients' debt issues. He's always been happy to answer thorny questions about divorce/bankruptcy issues in my cases."
K. Philip Callahan, Esq.

I practice exclusively in the area of domestic relations.  Rick West has been invaluable to a number of my clients in creatively navigating bankruptcy and allowing for divorce settlements to dovetail with bankruptcy proceedings.
Ellen Rittgers, Esq.

Rick has my utmost endorsement. There are very few true 'experts' out there; Rick is part of the elite who can truly call themselves an expert. I learned everything I know about bankruptcy and debt relief from Rick. I have never witnessed, in any other attorney, the level of comfort and ease with which Rick handles his clients and his cases. Give him an easy case or the most complex set of facts, and he breezes through all issues to find the solution to any client's needs. Rick has a wide range of experience that he incorporates into his law practice. Along with Rick's many years as a general practitioner – prior to focusing on debt resolution – he also acts as a part time judge at the Franklin Municipal Court when the presiding judge has a conflict. Rick manages every consequence to every decision made with his clients. Rick is very kind and brilliant. He is a true professional. The practice of law and the community at large is very lucky to have him.

William Tinch, Esq.

Simply put, Rick likely has more experience in bankruptcy and debt relief than any other attorney in the region. No matter what circumstances a person may be facing, Rick has probably dealt with the same issue 1,000 or more times before. It is no wonder why his clients are willing to come from hours away to be represented by the best.

Dustin Hurley, Esq.

Rick is a conscientious, caring attorney whom I am glad to endorse. He pays attention to detail and is well prepared at Bankruptcy Court meetings of creditors conducted by trustees. He is always a pleasure to deal with as a colleague.

Paul Spaeth, Bankruptcy Trustee

I fully endorse Rick. When it comes to bankruptcy and debt relief, not only is Rick very experienced, but he genuinely wants to help those who are facing a difficult point in their lives. Rick has been great to work with and I highly recommend his services.

Rachel Ruppert, Esq.

I gladly endorse this lawyer. I have known Rick for his entire legal career. No one knows Bankruptcy Law as well as he does. He also cares deeply about helping people solve financial troubles. He can tell if there are better ways to deal with a problem than just rushing to bankruptcy, but if that is the best answer then he knows exactly how to handle it for you. I admire his dedication to helping people and his tremendous knowledge of Bankruptcy Law. He is as good as it gets. I highly recommend him to you.

Ronald Burdge, "Lemon Law King" Attorney in Dayton

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