Rick’s Story – Tragedy changed his life, and started what is now the only law firm to combine credit recovery with bankruptcy debt relief.Rick West

“Life happens.”

Back in early 90’s tragedy struck Rick’s life, changing him, and his law practice forever.  Perhaps you are going through your own version of this right now.  If so, take heart.  What may seem like your worst nightmare could be, like it was for Rick, the beginning of something much, much better.

It was the worst of times . . .

In less than a year’s time, he went through a difficult divorce, fell off a rooftop  and broke his back, resulting in horrendous medical bills – he couldn’t work for months.

With zero income, and no insurance, he lived on borrowed money.

When he couldn’t make even the minimum monthly payments, he got sued.

Sued by attorneys he knew.

He was devastated.

He felt hopeless.


Eventually, he returned to his practice, but by then the bills were just too much.

He couldn’t pay them.

So . . .  he didn’t pay them.

Rick’s not proud of this.

But he’s not ashamed either.

He did what he had to do.

Just like his clients.

Sometimes you just can’t pay.

That experience changed Rick’s life, and his law practice, forever.

Rick knows the pain, the frustration and feeling of helplessness that you can only really understand if you actually live through it.

He gets it.

When his clients explain how they can’t pay their bills, Rick understands.

His experience compelled him to close his general practice, so he could devote his entire professional career to helping good, honest people overcome impossible debt problems and financial disaster, and to rebuild their credit.

Just like he had to do.

And, while Rick knows that there’s more to life than money, he also understands that when there’s not enough money to make ends meet – it just destroys the quality your life.

He says, “It was hard to feel good about myself when I couldn’t pay my bills.  I really wanted to.  I felt like everyone looked at me like a failure.  I felt like I had done something wrong.”

“Eventually, I understood that none of this was true.”
“And I assure my clients that bankruptcy is NOT the personal failure they often think it is.

Just the opposite!  If you DON’T take action – if you DON’T wipe out the debts – then you have failed.

It’s NOT about what happens to us – it’s about how we respond when “life comes at us.”

Rick can help.  He’s the only attorney in Ohio* who is a:

    • Board Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Specialist
    • Certified Credit Counselor
    • Certified Debt Arbitrator
    • Certified Student Loan Counselor

Because Rick knows all the ways to get you out of debt, and to rebuild your credit, you’ll be confident that you have the best solution to solve your problems.

Since 1986, Rick has helped people solve the exact problems you probably have right now.

“Financial disaster doesn’t have to mean you’re defeated,” says Rick.
“In fact, filing bankruptcy is often the first step to a better financial future than many of my clients would ever have achieved; with higher credit scores, more money in the bank and more confidence and self-esteem than they believed possible.  It can really be a life-changing thing.”


“What I went through I wouldn’t wish on anyone. But because I’ve been through it, I understand what you may be going through, and how you feel, better than anyone else. It’s why I do what I do.”

“If you’re suffering from difficult debt problems, and need a full financial recovery, I’m glad you’re here.  Hope is found here.”

* Rick is a Board Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Specialist, a legal certification conferred by the American Board of Certification and recognized by the Ohio Supreme Court.  Only 10 attorneys in Ohio hold this certification.  He is a Certified Credit Counselor, Certified Debt Arbitrator, and Certified Student Loan Counselor, non-legal certifications conferred by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators, an organization which certifies professional non-bankruptcy debt arbitrators and counselors. He is the only attorney in Ohio, and perhaps the entire country, who simultaneously holds all of these certifications.

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