How can bankruptcy help with repossession, and can you get your vehicle back?

Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer Richard West has the answers you need.

Past due car payments have been worrying you for a while now.

The lender has been calling but you know it is impossible to come up with the money right this minute, or even this week.

The lender will not cut you any slack or even attempt to work with you on a solution. There is nothing to really talk about.

You are doing your best. As soon as YOU get the money YOU WILL pay them. Until then there is nothing you can do.

Paying it sooner is not an option, you can not do the impossible.

Then one day, as you leave your home or leave your job, the unthinkable happens.

Your vehicle is nowhere to be found. It is simply gone.

At first you think your car was stolen.

When the police are contacted they explain the bad news.

No one stole your car.

It was repossessed by the lender.

Now what do you do?

Calling the creditor leads nowhere.

You may be offered the option of paying every one of the payments that you missed in order to reinstate the loan, but this also means paying a fee for the repossession plus the current car payment as well.

If this amount of money was available you would never have fallen behind. They are asking for the impossible and you know it.

Why can’t the lender understand?

How will you get back and forth to your job? What happens if you get fired because you can not get there each day? How will you pay bills, get groceries, and handle other daily tasks?

As if things weren’t bad enough already now this happens. You are left to deal with everything else plus the repossession.

Buying another car is out of the question. You just can’t afford it.

Renting a vehicle is extremely expensive.

Is there a relative or close friend that you can borrow a car from for a while?

The lender will sell your car, without trying to get a fair price, and end up with a ridiculously low price for it. You will be left owing a lot of money, and without the car that you will probably have to pay for eventually.

This is often the final straw. You need to get control of things, and quickly.

Stop and think for a minute. There are others going through the exact same thing.

You know that a way out must exist, and that there are answers and solutions out there. How can you find them though?

It can be difficult to think about how you can repair things and get back on track when you are struggling and living from one paycheck to the next. Now is the time that you MUST think about it though, things will only get worse if you don’t do something.

We understand and we can help you. This is something that we deal with on a daily basis as Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyers. We assure you that you are NOT ALONE and there are many others in the same situation.

You can replace the vehicle, and in some cases it may even be possible to get your car returned. We have some things that we can do to try and make this happen, and the creditors hate it.

At times you may even get your vehicle returned to you and get a lower payment each month to boot. That will show the repo man!

We may decide that your vehicle is not worth the time and cost to get back.

Regardless of your specific situation a plan is needed.

Without a solid plan things will continue in the same old way, except that they will probably worsen as time goes by. Let us help so that things will improve. We know exactly what to do and we will help you with a solid plan based on your situation.

You can relax with the knowledge that there is a way to resolve this mess.

Then after you sleep well at night you can be assured that your vehicle can be found in the exact spot where you left it the day before.

It is possible to stop repossession with bankruptcy, undo a repossession, or even get your car returned to you.

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