The Biggest Lie about Bankruptcy is . . .

Myth“Everybody knows that if you file bankruptcy your credit will be ruined.”

This is the big lie.

Like most myths and misconceptions, it has its origin in a truth from long ago.

There was a time when filing bankruptcy did, in fact, represent a long-term setback for your credit.

Those days are long gone, if you approach your credit recovery properly.

The problem that most consumers face is simply this:

Bankruptcy doesn’t fix your credit, and bankruptcy attorneys don’t tell you what you need to know to recover credit after bankruptcy.

That’s the dirty little secret about credit and bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy does wipe out debt.


Bankruptcy doesn’t help you with your credit.

In fact, without more, bankruptcy still results in a much longer credit rebuild time than it should.


Simply stated, bankruptcy – without more – does not provide the kind of financial recovery that most people believe that they will get from their bankruptcy case.

Actually, the bankruptcy system was never intended to provide anyone with a credit recovery.

The bankruptcy system wipes out debt.

That’s it.

Nothing more.

It’s up to you, if you want a full financial recovery, to take the steps that are necessary after you file your bankruptcy to recover your credit.

I can help you get a full and complete financial recovery.

I’m a certified credit counselor.  And I’ve developed a special program designed just for my clients who file bankruptcy.

Time tested.


There is a program for chapter 7, and a different program for chapter 13.

This program works so well that a typical client in a chapter 7 will achieve a credit score of between 650 and 700 within one year of the bankruptcy discharge.

Legal disclaimer: (of course, what did you expect from a lawyer?)

This is not a guarantee.

Some clients don’t achieve this.

But some clients achieve even higher scores.

Your results will depend on how well you follow my program.

I have personally coached hundreds of my clients from chapter 7 discharge through credit scores of over 650.

I’ve met with them, one on one, month after month, watching their credit scores soar.

I’ve helped my chapter 13 clients improve their credit while in their chapter 13 plans and had my chapter 13 clients exceed credit scores of 700 before they even finish their program.

Credit recovery is possible after bankruptcy.

No lie.