Signing Appointment

When you have approved your petition we will email your signature pages to sign.

We’ll schedule an attorney to meet with you by phone or video chat, and go over the pages, and answer any questions you may have.

To help you prepare for this meeting, Rick has created a helpful pre-signing video

You’ll authorize us to file your petition electronically and you’ll email us photos of your signed pages.

We file the photos of your signatures with the Court, to show the Court that you actually signed the petition.

The, you must either mail the signed pages to us, or drop them off at one of our offices.

When we get your signature pages, we then file a certification with the Court that you have provided them to us (this is important, so be sure to get the pages to us quickly).

If you don’t have the ability to send us the photos, or scan the signed pages to us, we are still permitted to file your case on your verbal authorization, and we will mail the pages to you for your signature, and you will mail them back to us.

Once we file your case, we will be given a case number.  We’ll send you the case number right away, and you’ll then be able to go to the Moneysharp website and take the “after filing” course.

Next is the bank statement requirement – and after that – the trustee meeting.