What Debts are Discharged in Bankruptcy?

Credit cards, medical bills and most consumer debts are discharged in bankruptcy.

Financial hardship can strike anyone at any time. In addition to worrying about making ends meet to provide for your family debt puts added stress on how you are going to cover debt payments. With the debt industry growing each year even the most financially sound individual can face serious decisions about how to satisfy debt obligations.

Credit card debt, missed utility bills, car payments and mortgages are all common debts that be threatened by financial hardship. Medical debt, student loan payments and even unpaid taxes can all become a problem when money is tight. Each debt can present a unique problem and each must be handled with individualized action. In bankruptcy, nearly all of these debts can be resolved with a little care and attention. Credit cards, medical bills and most consumer debts are discharged in bankruptcy.

You don’t have to continue to be stressed. Most consumer debts are discharged in bankruptcy.

And, as a certified consumer credit counselor I will help you rebuild your credit quickly after we discharge your debts. Don’t waste money trying to do the impossible. You could spend years of your life (which you will never get back and for which your creditors will not thank you) or, you could take charge now.  wipe out the debt, and rebuild your credit. In as little as a year or so, you could have money in the bank, a savings account and your credit score could be higher than you have ever seen it. How many people do you know who have made a complete comeback after filing bankruptcy? A good number of folks,  I’ll bet.

Don’t suffer another day with high debt balances and threats from creditors. Let us help answer all the questions you may have about finding debt relief through bankruptcy. Call us at (937) 748-1749 to schedule a FREE consultation to examine your options or you can contact us.