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We are as close as your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone! Our clients enjoy fast and easy access to our staff with our Helpdesk. No more telephone-tag. No more emails disappearing into the junk folder. All your information is in one place. Free App for your smart phone – like a Law Office in your phone! One click and you are connected to the entire team:


Rick West - Founder

Steve Malkiewicz - Attorney

Matt Borgert - Certified Credit Counselor

Lenore Ceizyk - Certified Credit Counselor

Bonny Moran - Paralegal

Jennifer Kempler - Paralegal

Sue Bennett - Paralegal

Donna Pepin - Paralegal

Megan Bailey - Paralegal

Doreen Bay - Paralegal

Tracie Eismann - Paralegal

Deidra Patterson - Legal Assistant

Julie Kenline - Legal Assistant

Emily Brockshmidt - Legal Assistant

Helpdesk is a Faster and Better way to get answers and support:


Helpdesk is a much better and faster way for you to get the answers and support you need. It goes to one central person here at the law office, who quickly answers or refers the matter to the best staff person to help you.

If you are already set up in helpdesk, please direct your request to us through HelpDesk.

If you are not already set up, here’s how to do it. It’s very very easy and you only have to do it once.

And, Yes! there IS an app for it! You can download an app for your smart phone. Its very easy!

Client Satisfaction with HelpDesk is Overwhelmingly Positive!


If you are already a client, all you need to do to get started is send an email to and follow the instructions to set up your name and password. It really is that easy. But you need to always remember this…

REMEMBER! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! This is not email - the email contains a “link” to get to your helpdesk account.

Click the Link to go to the Helpdesk Login on the Internet

DO NOT “REPLY” to the email notification! If you do, you will create a “new ticket” which will not be connected to the previous ticket.

If you need to create a new ticket, because you have a new question, log into the helpdesk at with your username and password, and create a new ticket.

You can attach files, photos etc to tickets. We can send you documents to review. And all of your questions and answers are stored in your helpedsk for later reference.

We also have a “Solutions” section, which contains answers to frequently asked questions, and we are adding to this resource ever day.

Our Helpdesk represents a major improvement over email.

Because your case is complex, and because you have an entire team of professionals working on your case at the same time, the helpdesk permits us to all work together, and this means you get the right answers, faster, and we can all be confident that the service you receive is the best.

Just remember that most questions require a paralegal and/or one of the attorneys to review your case, and this does take time, helpdesk is not “live chat” so be patient. It often takes 24 hours to get a response.