How to Avoid Foreclosure in Cleveland – Akron

Avoid Foreclosure

Avoid Foreclosure in Cleveland and Akron There are many reasons for falling behind on loan payments if you live in Cleveland or Akron. The troubling times due to the pandemic, the loss of a job, or crushing medical debt. Whatever the reason, you need some quick help to find foreclosure solutions. Don’t be embarrassed. You’re […]

Cheap Bankruptcy Attorney

Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer

Cheap Bankruptcy Attorneys Are Problematic. Bankruptcy attorneys are in the business of making sure you get out of debt, but that doesn’t mean it is cheap. Cheap bankruptcy attorneys may be willing to skip following the rules or not do a good job for you. You need someone who will file for bankruptcy on your […]

Utility Bills and Bankruptcy

Utility Bills

Can Bankruptcy Stop Utilities from Being Shut-Off? The average household in southern Ohio spends well over $3000 per year on utilities. When you’re in financial distress, these bills can be overwhelming. And utility shut-off is a disaster for most families. If you’re suffering from overwhelming debt, you sometimes face a tough decision, keeping the utilities […]

How to File Bankruptcy Yourself

How to File Bankruptcy Yourself

How to file bankruptcy yourself is a common question. Even people I see in my own consultations sometimes ask if it’s a good idea to file bankruptcy myself. Seldom is the answer yes for filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy myself, and never for filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy (debt repayment plan) yourself. Can I File Bankruptcy Myself? […]

Eviction and Bankruptcy


If you’re facing eviction, bankruptcy may be a part of your recovery plan. A Federal Judge in Ohio has ruled that the CDC  has exceeded it’s authority with the current ban on evictions, according to CNBC article by Annie Nova, March 11, 2021. And many Ohio renters are worried. Bankruptcy and eviction often go together. […]

Will the Bankruptcy Trustee take my 2021 Stimulus Check?

Will Trustee Take Recovery Rebate Stimulus Payment in Bankruptcy?

What You Need to Know to Protect Your 2021 Stimulus Check Expecting a stimulus check?  Planning to file for bankruptcy and wondering if your stimulus check will be taken by your bankruptcy trustee. Trying to figure out whether you should file your bankruptcy now, or wait to file bankruptcy after you get your check? Here’s […]

Can Bill Collectors Take your $1,400 COVID-19 Relief Check?

2021 Stimulus and Bankruptcy - What you need to know

Your COVID-19 Stimulus check can be taken by creditors! Here’s how to protect it! Everyone is looking forward to the stimulus relief checks. Including creditors. Heads up!  You need to know that your $1,400 stimulus check under the third round of direct COVID-relief payments could be taken by your creditors. And, you may get more […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Bankruptcy Chapter 13 Law Changes

Coronavirus Finance Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Cases are on the Rise in Ohio Coronavirus bankruptcy law changes are part of the new CARES act. As part of the Cares Act, there have been changes to help those in Chapter 13 who have been affected by Coronavirus. We currently have over 1,000 active chapter 13 cases, and many of […]

Will Trustee Take Recovery Rebate Stimulus Payment in Bankruptcy

Will Trustee Take Recovery Rebate Stimulus Payment in Bankruptcy?

Can the bankruptcy Trustee take the stimulus payment? The trustee will not take your recovery rebate stimulus payment in bankruptcy, according to the most recent announcement from the government. You can keep your stimulus (in almost all cases) (Finally, some GOOD NEWS amidst all the problems caused by Coronavirus!) When filing for personal bankruptcy, chapter […]

Can Debt Collectors Take Stimulus

Can Debt Collectors Take Stimulus?

Can a Debt Collector Take Your Stimulus Check? Debt collectors can take stimulus money. Stimulus money is not protected from debt collectors under the CARES Act. Here’s what you need to know to protect your stimulus from debt collectors. The good news: The CARES Act is passed and many will receive stimulus checks.The bad news: […]