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Job Loss and Filing Bankruptcy

Job Loss and Bankruptcy

Job loss and filing bankruptcy often go hand in hand. Job loss and filing bankruptcy often go together. Filing bankruptcy after loss of job, and your ability to pay, is the best option for many, but not all. Here is how to know if you should file bankruptcy after your income is reduced. Job loss […]

NRA Bankruptcy – National Rifle Association

National Rifle Association Bankruptcy

National Rifle Association Bankruptcy The National Rifle Association, NRA, headquartered in and being sued by the State of New York, has filed for bankruptcy protection… in Texas. The reasons for the bankruptcy filing, aside, you might wonder if this means you can file bankruptcy in some state other than where you live. Do you have […]

Bankruptcy and 2021 Stimulus Checks

2021 Stimulus and Bankruptcy - What you need to know

Bankruptcy and 2021 Stimulus Checks – What You Need to Know Will you lose your stimulus check to a bankruptcy trustee if you file bankruptcy now and are expecting a stimulus check? In 2020, the stimulus checks were not taken in bankruptcy. Everyone was able to keep their stimulus checks and bankruptcy trustees were told […]

US Bankruptcy Court Discharge of $200,000 in Student Loans

US Bankruptcy Court Discharge

Student Loans in Bankruptcy  A new ruling by a U.S. appeals court has affirmed the cancellation of a borrower’s $200,000 in private student loans. Student loans have been nearly impossible to discharge in bankruptcy. But a recent court case may signal the beginning of a change for student loan borrowers. A recent Court of Appeals just […]

Can a Public School District Declare Bankruptcy?

Public School

When funds get tight in the classroom, can a public school declare bankruptcy? Typically we view declaring bankruptcy as a personal or business endeavor, however, government entities such as utility boards, school districts, and even entire UC cities can declare bankruptcy if they become insolvent. The US Bankruptcy code anticipated government-run entities running out of […]

Can I keep my savings in chapter 7

keep my savings in chapter 7

Can you keep your savings in Chapter 7? The short answer is yes, but only up to a point. It is natural to want to keep your savings in Chapter 7, after all, you consider bankruptcy because there is not enough cash available. After filing Chapter 7 you want to keep as much cash available […]

How to Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney

How to hire a bankruptcy attorney

The Best Way to Hire A Bankruptcy Attorney Five Steps to Finding the Right Bankruptcy Attorney Near You. Being overwhelmed with debt to the point you need to seek a bankruptcy attorney’s services is extremely stressful. Trying to find the right bankruptcy attorney to hire is almost as stressful as being deep in debt. Here’s […]

Bankruptcy After the Shutdown

Bankruptcy After Shutdown

How Bankruptcy Looks in Dayton, Ohio After the Largest Shutdown in US History As a bankruptcy attorney in Dayton Ohio for over 30 years, I know how to help my clients overcome economic shutdown and financial pressure. Dayton has suffered numerous economic setbacks. Delco, Mead, NCR. All gone. And personal bankruptcy is often necessary to […]

Coronavirus Bankruptcy

Coronavirus COVID-19

Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Coronavirus Ohio Bankruptcy The Coronavirus spread is wreaking havoc on our economy, our nerves and instantly changing our way of life. The financial disaster we now have is, in one way, no different than the same kind of problem I have helped people overcome for over 30 years. Serious health issues, loss […]

Credit Card Debt All Time High

Credit Card Debt Reaches Record High This affects everyone. According to this article, Credit Card Debt All Time High consumer credit card debt has now reached an all-time high of $1.1 trillion. The main thing that causes people to carry a balance on their credit cards? Groceries! Instead of paying cash like we used to, […]