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What Property Is At Risk During Bankruptcy?

September 20, 2016 | Posted in Keeping Property

The biggest fear for many who are contemplating seeking protection through bankruptcy is exactly what property will be taken and sold off to satisfy the creditors and what property will be exempt from the proceedings. As discussed in previous blogs, the answer to that question is that it varies from state to state. The fact […]

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Property Transfer and Bankruptcy

June 13, 2016 | Posted in Keeping Property

There are a wide variety of questions that are posed by people who are contemplating possibly seeking protection under bankruptcy laws. One question that seems to be raised time and time again is with regard to property transfer prior to filing. The number one thing you should do before transferring anything to anyone is have […]

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Repossession and Bankruptcy

February 4, 2016 | Posted in Keeping Property

One of the things that people fear most when they’re in a tough financial situation is that their vehicle will be repossessed. This is devastating because most individuals need their vehicle to get back and forth to their place of employment. If this is hindered then they run the risk of becoming unemployed and the […]

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Are My Tools Safe In Bankruptcy?

July 14, 2015 | Posted in Keeping Property

Many people that want to go bankrupt are very worried about what is going to happen to their possessions. Some individuals who work in various trades have collected many different tools that they need in their line of work. Without these tools they may no longer be able to work in their chosen field. If […]

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Can My Car Be Repossessed if I Go Bankrupt?

July 2, 2015 | Posted in Keeping Property

Many individuals need their car for more than just convenience. It is there only way to get to their place of employment. Individuals who own a car and are thinking of going bankrupt worry about whether their car will be repossessed. Keeping Property For those that have already started the Chapter7 bankruptcy proceedings, the car […]

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The Confusion over Bankruptcy Exemptions

May 28, 2015 | Posted in Keeping Property

It is not unusual for people who are contemplating bankruptcy to start doing a little bit of research about it. When they do they will come across what is called bankruptcy exemptions, which are applicable to the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. This can get confusing. People want to know what they are going to be allowed […]

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Important Home Refinance Considerations Right Now

October 11, 2012 | Posted in Keeping Property

As mortgage rates continue to drop down many homeowners are thinking about a refinance in an effort to take advantage of these lower rates. There are a number of important considerations that must be considered before you should plan on taking this step though. Most experts advise that refinancing your home may be a good […]

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