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Chapter 13 Tax Return Upload Information

How to redact taxes for Chapter 13

Free Apps make it easy to redact and upload

Every year it is required to upload your tax return, and all schedules, W-2 forms, 1099, etc, to the trustee for review.  

You are required to hide, or redact, personal information like your full social security number, bank account numbers, and any information related to children before you submit the forms.

Submit one pdf file, named with your last name and your case number, after you have redacted the information, as an attachment to email sent to

File size is limited to 20MB (was 10MB but we got the trustee to increase the limit!)

For videos showing you how to install the Geniusscan app on your phone, click this link:

  Install GeniusScan

How to redact online

If you have pdf files already, no need to print and photograph them.  Just use this online tool to redact your pdf files and then you can rename the file and send to



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