Our Story

This is the firm’s story, how and why we came to be the largest firm for bankruptcy solutions in southern Ohio.

But there’s so much more than bankruptcy here.

Things get better here.

Hope is found here.

I know, from my own painful, personal experience, what it’s like to feel like a failure, like the situation is hopeless.

More than anyone could handle.

Drowning in debt and no way out.

Here’s why we’re different.

And why more people trust us . . .

brag about their experience in hundreds of online reviews . . .

and have their entire lives transformed by the solutions we provide.

How it began

In 1986, I filed my first bankruptcy case. Removing the debt from a family devastated by overwhelming medical bills from the birth of their first child totally transformed their lives from constant worry and fear to calm and confidence that they were going to be ok.

From General Practice to Specialist

Fresh out of law school, I joined a general practice firm, helping consumers overcome a variety of legal challenges that many people face in their lives.  But, I seemed to naturally gravitate to helping my clients solve their financial problems, because of the powerful and positive impact this assistance delivered to my clients.

In fact, from the first family I helped file chapter 7, I knew that this was the way I could really help people to rebuild their lives, restore their sense of hope, and renew their confidence in themselves.  Little did I know at the time how right I was, and how I would soon need my own counsel.

Over time, my practice became more and more focused on bankruptcy and credit recovery.  It was obvious that many people did not know, or misunderstood, the options they had available to them.  I knew I needed to spread the word that help was at hand.

So, I began one of the very first attorney websites to freely share this information.  In addition, I lectured, spoke at schools and business meetings, wrote for articles for newspapers, appeared on TV news, anything I could to help spread the word that bankruptcy, done right, would solve most financial problems . . . and we could recover credit quickly, as well.

From generalist to specialist to authority . . . first a student, then a teacher

Law school did not prepare me for the job that needed to be done.

Law school only teaches the principles of our legal system.  It did not prepare me to help my clients solve their bigger “life issues” with debt and credit.

In fact, bankruptcy is not even on the bar exam. It’s not a required course in law school.   (You can be a lawyer in Ohio and not even know how to spell bankruptcy.)

Still, I was determined to provide my clients with a full solution to their financial disasters.

I got to work . . . went back to school . . .  became a board certified consumer bankruptcy specialist, one of only 10 in Ohio..  I didn’t stop there, though.  I went on to become a certified debt specialist, and a certified credit counselor and a certified student loan specialist.

Many of my clients told me that other attorneys they consulted either did not know anything about credit after bankruptcy – just gave them vague and general “it will be ok – it will just take time” non-answers to these important questions.

So, I began to teach.  For three years I lectured attorneys at continuing legal education seminars on bankruptcy.  Always, I would implore my attorney-students to go back to school, to become certified credit counselors and help their clients finish the job that their bankruptcy services only began, but left unfinished.

Sadly, I was unsuccessful.

And to this day, I remain the only attorney in Ohio, perhaps the country, who is a board certified bankruptcy specialist, and a certified credit counselor, and a certified debt specialist.

We started giving it away . . . (which drove other attorneys crazy)

When the internet really took off – we were helping more and more people – we have always had the biggest and most informative bankruptcy information website – to help everyone understand the different options for debt relief. This made some other attorneys angry. “You’re just giving it away!” said one of my colleagues, who accused me of sharing too much information and “taking her clients.”

Oddly, this just made me more determined to put as much information on the web as I could.  Now our website has more information than any other law firm’s website that I have ever seen.  And, I keep adding to it all the time.

The more you know, the better decision you’ll make, and the better results you get

People began to use our website as a reference too. “I learned more from your website than I did from the last attorney I saw!” is a common comment I hear from clients.

Attorneys regularly call me to ask about their cases and the examples I post in our blog, wanting to know how I would handle a problem they have in their practice.

News stations in Cincinnati and Dayton contact us for information on current issues in debt relief and credit. They find us because of the wealth of information on our website  Over eight thousand visitors come to this site every month seeking answers to their problems.

With more information, more answers to questions, everyone benefits.

And this is just the beginning

Although we’ve been helping since 1986, this is just the beginning of a “new way to conquer financial problems” that I firmly believe should become “standard procedure” in this legal practice area.

We’ve seen extreme changes in our economic reality, which have changed how we think about debt, debt problems, and our options to deal with these problems.

And, as a society, I’ve seen that we now are more willing to accept, or at least consider, bankruptcy as a realistic option when we need serious financial help. More people now consider bankruptcy as an option when only a few years ago they would have instantly dismissed the idea that bankruptcy might be the best solution to their difficult debt problems.

Beyond Bankruptcy – Good Credit Ahead (if you know how)

Our firm embraces the position that – for a full financial recovery, if you need to file bankruptcy – you definitely do not want to stop there.

Bankruptcy is only part of the solution.

You have to keep going, recover your credit, and learn how to improve your score.

It’s not hard.

We teach our clients how to do this after the bankruptcy is filed.

We’ll show you how to monitor your credit, and quickly detect errors that hurt your score.

And, when creditors violate your credit rights, and lower your score, we fight back.

We give you the tools, training and information you need to get, and keep, good credit after wiping out debt with bankruptcy.

This is the complete solution that everyone who wants a full financial recovery should have.

The tools we provide and the techniques we teach will benefit you for a lifetime.

Our clients report that they are now teaching their children the concepts and strategies that they learn in our credit recovery course.

What we stand for

Nobody needs to feel ashamed to file bankruptcy.

Our firm stands for the proposition that:

    • You can recover from even the most serious financial problems.
    • If bankruptcy is the best option, we provide the best process and support to help you through it so that you will feel comfortable and secure in the outcome.
    • If bankruptcy is not the best option, we will provide guidance and direction – and show you the way to secure the non-bankruptcy option that will be right for you.
    • You deserve a complete solution, not a partial “bankruptcy only” band aide to your problem.
    • Your credit after bankruptcy is an important part of the process of financial recovery, and we will provide the training and tools you need to recover your credit, and to finish the job that bankruptcy starts, but, by itself, cannot finish.

You have the right to a full financial recovery.

Bankruptcy is as old as the Old Testament.  See Deuteronomy 15:2.

Many, many famous and successful people in America have needed to file bankruptcy and have gone on to lead successful lives and businesses afterwards.

But, more importantly, many, many more people, who you probably know and respect, have filed bankruptcy when they needed to, and they have recovered, and gone on to lead happy and confident lives because they filed.

We show our clients that bankruptcy, done right, is part of a complete solution which provides a full financial recovery.

We’re here to help.

And that’s what makes our firm different.

It’s why we’re the #1 firm in southern Ohio for bankruptcy.

Because we aren’t just about bankruptcy.

We’re here to help you get the full financial recovery you need and deserve.

And spread the word that bankruptcy is the proper and respectable way to begin the financial healing process, and it’s part of a larger solution that changes your entire life for the better.