We’re different.


A financial recovery firm started decades ago by an attorney who, after filing bankruptcy for so many others, suddenly had to manage his OWN financial disaster.  That’s when he discovered that bankruptcy lawyers, including himself, didn’t have all the tools people need to get a FULL FINANCIAL RECOVERY.  So, he decided to fix this, and he build a law firm like no other.

We don’t “sell bankruptcy.”

We listen to you, learn what happened, and understand your goals.  Then we help you find the RIGHT tool for your unique situation.  It may not be to file bankruptcy.  If not, we’ll tell you.


If you do need bankruptcy, we know that you really need a lot more.  Because we understand that bankruptcy is only part of a bigger solution and if you don’t get the whole solution, you won’t get the full recovery you need.

We’ve been providing the complete solution for years.  Our clients love it.  That’s why we have hundreds of 5 star reviews.

Other bankruptcy attorneys just sell bankruptcy.  Because that’s how they see their role, limited to just one part of what you need.  They either ignore us or claim we over-charge.  They focus on being cheap.  You might wonder what corners they cut to get that cheap price.  Oddly, many of our clients tell us we should be charging MORE for all we do.

We focus on doing the entire job and getting it right for you.  You only get one shot at a successful recovery.  We’re with you for the long-haul.  From initially contacting your creditors so that they stop harassing you, to helping you through the bankruptcy process, and then helping you recover your credit.  It’s a big job.  Not one you should try to do alone. Our clients tell us we provide the most amazing and responsive support they could imagine.

Our analysis is not limited to bankruptcy.  We’ll explain all of your options. Many people are shocked and amazed by what we show them.  Frequently, we are not the first attorney they have seen.  We are usually the last, though.

After explaining how to achieve the most effective debt relief strategy, we show you how to keep going.  We provide the complete, step-by-step plan you need a plan to get a good credit score.

What good is getting rid of the debt if you can’t buy anything afterwards?  Who wants to drive a beater car forever?  You want to buy a house or refinance the one you have, right?  Right!

We’ll show you how to make that happen.  We’ll help you make that happen.

Our credit recovery program clients routinely get credit scores of 650 – 700 within one year of discharge in chapter 7, or even before discharge in a chapter 13.

Rick West is a certified credit counselor and board certified consumer bankruptcy specialist.  His 30+ years of helping clients get good credit after wiping out debt is what makes our firm the top filing firm in southern Ohio year after year.

More people trust us to fix their finances than any other firm.

Because we’re different.

And our clients appreciate it.