We’re glad you’re here.

This page contains links to information you’ll want to review as we get set up to work together.


We will use email for most of our communications with you.  Our email system is called the HelpDesk, and you’ll find it very easy to use.  Here’s a link to a brief “how it works” video  HelpDesk


We’ll explain the documents required by the Court, and show you how to easily take pictures of them with your phone and email them to us.

During your “onboarding appointment,”  we’ll discuss the documents you will need to provide, and we’ll email you a list of the documents.  We will get as many of these for you as we can, even your paycheck information if available online.  You’ll just need to provide us with access to your data.

For the documents you need to provide, you can easily make “copies” with your phone. Download a free app to turn your photos into PDF files, and email to us.  Here’s the link for instructions for Iphone or Android

Please remember to set the program to PDF for the output format.


The information we need to properly prepare your petition is organized in our workbook.  You already know all the information, so it’s just a matter of transferring it to us.

We have created a highly customized workbook, specially adapted to our office processes.  We offer two options for you to choose from. Click here for more information.

And, to help you with any questions you may have as you fill out the information, we have a comprehensive workbook tutorial video.


Everyone has to complete an online credit counseling course, and we’ll set you up for that.  You’ll get an invitation for this website by email.

More information about the course, and the Moneysharp website which provides the required video is found here.


The timeline for the steps to file your case can be found here.


When we finish drafting your petition we will email it to you.  We have created a private youtube video to guide you through the review of the entire petition, so you’ll know exactly what to look for.  The petition is a long legal document, and that can be a bit intimidating, but, with our video guide, you’ll be able to do an excellent job in under an hour.


You’ll review your petition, and, once you approve it, we’ll set you up with an appointment to speak with one of our attorneys for a final conference before we file electronically.  Click here for more about your signing appointment.


To better prepare you for the trustee meeting, we have prepared a video which reviews the common questions that the trustees ask.  We also provide you with a written version of the questions.


After we file your case, you’ll provide us with the mandatory bank statements for the full month that we file, and provide a copy (photo or fax) to us. Note:  some courts and trustees do not require this of you, we’ll tell you if you must provide this in your case.


Next comes the trustee meeting.  With the Coronavirus restrictions we currently have in place, you’ll need to visit our UPDATE page to see current information about how the Court and trustees are handling these meetings.  Currently all meetings are being held by telephone.


After your trustee meeting, we’ll enroll you in our unique program to help you rebuild your credit.  We have a course for both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 clients.  The course is easy, and you’ll learn a lot as you watch your credit score improve faster than you probably thought possible. This information is provided from a separate website, the Credit Recovery Club.


We are here for you!

You made the right choice when you retained our office.

We’re the firm more consumers in Southern Ohio trust than any other office.

We have more attorneys, more paralegals, more support staff, and we don’t stop at debt relief.

Our unique program to help you rebuild your credit is an essential part of your financial recovery.

Your safety matters.

We are taking all recommended precautions to ensure that the health and safety of our clients, and our staff, is protected.

Our firm is high-tech.  We’ve always been the leader in this area.

Most everything we do for you can be done online, no need for physical documents or personal meetings.

Our office has systems in place which all us to use video conferences for you, transmit all documents electronically, and we can take your case from start to finish without the need for you to physically visit our office.