The decision to file bankruptcy is affected by what you believe will happen to your credit.

Everyone seems to agree that bankruptcy hurts your credit.

But how long it takes to recover good credit after bankruptcy is confusing.

You can spend hours (even days!) reading information on the internet.

You will probably not get an answer that you feel confident is correct.

There’s good reason for this.

First, most websites you visit have an agenda.

Pro-creditor sites proclaim 10 years of bad or no credit after bankruptcy.  They want to scare you away from even considering bankruptcy.

Debt Management sites tell you that their program is better for your credit recovery, because bankruptcy is “bad” but have no facts to back up this claim.

Most bankruptcy attorneys, if they mention credit at all, make vague claims that you can rebuild credit after bankruptcy by getting a few credit cards and paying them off every month..


And scary.

Credit is very, very important to your future.

We need good credit to live a normal life.

I’ve had many clients tell me they refused to consider bankruptcy, even though in their heart they knew they should file, simply because they believed that bankruptcy would be the end of their credit.

When I explain how I help recover good credit in in a very short time, their reaction is a mixture of relief and sadness. 

Relief that the damage to credit that they thought would happen will not.

Sadness – because they realize that their mistaken beliefs about credit and bankruptcy kept them suffering in debt, unnecessarily, for years.

When I went through my personal financial disaster, I realized I needed a plan to rebuild my credit.

I knew that credit could be rebuilt, but I could not find a program, a plan, a guide to help me – tell me what to do, in a step-by-step fashion, to recover my credit.

I was a board certified consumer bankruptcy specialist, but did not know the best way to recover my credit. 

But, I knew I HAD to do it!

So, I got to work.

Went back to school . . .

Became a certified credit counselor . . .

Studied credit scoring, credit reporting, and learned how it really works . . .

Learned about the credit report dispute process, e-OSCAR,  and how it FAILS to help you resolve disputes . . .

It also became clear that much more than “getting a few credit cards” would be required.

So, I created a step-by-step process to secure the full financial recovery I needed for my family.

I designed a blueprint for financial recovery, a good credit score, and an accurate credit report.

Then, I began to teach this process to my clients.

Coached them.

Read their credit reports with them.

Taught them how to do what I had done to recover my credit.

And smiled as they recovered theirs.

When I first released my program, I coached it personally.

It was a paid program. 

My clients signed up as soon as I opened the course, even on a trial basis.

Most paid $79 per month for one year. 

Everyone who did the course as I taught it ended up with a credit score of 650 to 700 within one year after their bankruptcy discharge.

Their success inspired me to re-write the course as an online web-based self-study program.

And now my clients get the course for free!

Yes, you can recover your credit after bankruptcy.

My clients have been doing it for years.

You can too.

I’ll show you how.


A proven program for your full financial recovery.