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How Filing for Bankruptcy Can End a License Suspension

2 Ways to End License Suspension with Bankruptcy

When your driver’s licenses is under suspension, it can be very expensive to get legal. Discharge judgments from accidents and reinstatement fees with bankruptcy. We can get you cleared for license re-issuance the same day.

You can end license suspension with bankruptcy and drive legally again.

We all know that a driver’s license is a necessity. If you’ve been in an accident without insurance, you might be under a judgment suspension. Whether you are found at fault or not, lack of insurance can end up with your license suspended, and the insurance company knows they have the upper hand. You can turn the tables on them.  You can end license suspension with bankruptcy.

Other than accidents, Ohio suspends your license for many reason.  Ohio has over 66 different kinds of license suspensions! If you are found guilty of traffic offenses, not just DUI, but even repeated speeding tickets can cost you your right to drive. Refusing a BAC test, driving without valid insurance, even failure to pay child support, or even a parking ticket, can result in a license suspension.

End License Suspension with Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Discharges Unpaid Judgments

If you were in an accident without insurance, the insurance company will often demand more than you can afford. If you can strike a deal with them, you still have to pay a reinstatement fee to the bureau of motor vehicles. Sometimes the reinstatement fees are more than you can afford as well. Like the insurance company, the BMV might offer you a payment plan as well. Don’t forget that you will need to file an SR-22 bond in order to drive legally.

All of this could cost more than you can afford. But driving without a license can land you in jail, or, at the very least, cost you in finds and penalties, add points to your license, and of course, increase the reinstatement fees.

When you can’t drive, you can’t work. Without your employment income you have no hope of paying the insurance company, the courts, the BMV and pay for insurance. Without a legal driver’s license, you are dead in the water.

In most cases, you can discharge all of this debt in bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can end your license suspension by wiping out your insurance judgment, and the reinstatement fees. You’ll probably need to re-test and file the SR-22, but that’s a lot cheaper, and faster, than trying to get the insurance company to agree to a plan you can afford.

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Not all Judgments Discharged

Does bankruptcy discharge all types of accident judgments? No. If you caused an accident and were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the damages will not be discharged. However, you can make payments in a Chapter 13, and this can clear you for license re-issuance and end license suspension with bankruptcy.

However, if you were only convicted of DUI and there was no accident, then the reinstatement fee is discharged. The reinstatement fee for a first offender in Ohio is $475.

When we file your case, either in Chapter 7 or 13, we will give you the paperwork you need to start the process to end license suspension with bankruptcy. We’ve helped hundreds of our clients wipe out accident judgments, and discharge reinstatement fees, and end license suspension with bankruptcy.

Don’t risk driving without a license. Bankruptcy can terminate your license suspension and wipe out all your other debts as well.

You can end license suspension with bankruptcy.

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