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Why Life After Bankruptcy is Better

Life After Filing for Bankruptcy

Your life after bankruptcy, like most things in life, will be largely determined by you. What you do AFTER bankruptcy determines how you experience life afterwards. Here’s the problem. Most people DON’T KNOW what they don’t know.

What you DO after bankruptcy is critical to your financial recovery. It’s not hard to recover credit after bankruptcy, if you know how. Most of us know people who filed bankruptcy and now have great credit.
They got cars soon after they filed, and many are able to buy homes as well. How do they do this?

Life After Bankruptcy

Lies About Life After Bankruptcy

I understand that creditor businesses have an agenda. They spin bankruptcy as bad, because it’s not what makes money for them. You get it too. But my blood pressure still goes up when I read “bankruptcy will hurt your credit for 10 years, by staying on your credit report.” This is bullshit. Don’t believe it.

Here’s another actual lie from a major credit reporting bureau, “bankruptcy is painful, embarrassing and devastating to your credit.” The real thing we consumers find to be painful, embarrassing and devastating is our inability to pay our bills, feed our families and get the basic necessities we need to survive. Sorry, Experian, your view of credit is not mine. Nor is this the true experience of my clients.

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Truth About Life After Bankruptcy

Having personally helped over ten thousand families through the process of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, I can tell you from personal experience the truth about life after bankruptcy. Sure, it’s a tough decision to make.

We always review all options, both non-bankruptcy and bankruptcy as well.

What you do makes the difference. You need a proven plan. Those who suffer poor credit are the ones who have no plan. Or worse, they choose to go “cash only,” refusing to get credit “because that’s what got us into this mess in the first place!” Those who experience good financial recovery are the folks who understand that good credit doesn’t just happen by itself. They take positive steps to recover their credit.

My credit recovery program, for both chapter 7 and chapter 13, details the steps to take after you file, so you will quickly begin to rebuild credit. You’ll take safe and sensible steps to get new credit cards. And, you’ll learn how to quickly review your credit report, to identify, and correct any errors that could hurt your score.

Other Benefits of Bankruptcy

When you’re drowning in debt, life is hard. When my wife and I went through our financial disaster, we fought. My clients report the same thing. Financial pressure poisons your life, and your relationships. When the financial pressures are removed, everything seems better. You can look forward to the future. Your entire attitude and outlook on life is changed. You become the happy, helpful person you really are, when the added stress of bills you can’t handle is removed.

They say money isn’t everything, and you can’t buy happiness. This may be true, but not having enough money makes life miserable. The truth about life after bankruptcy is simply this. Life after removal of debt is far more satisfying, and worthwhile than you can imagine. My clients are living proof. You really can’t argue with thousands of success stories over 30+ years!

Richard West is trained, and certified and experienced in all debt relief options. Call Rick to discuss how bankruptcy can help. He’ll make sure you know what not to do, as well.

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