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Stop a Lawsuit with Bankruptcy

How to Stop a Lawsuit with Bankruptcy

When you are sued, you feel traumatized. Once I was first (I got sued more than once) sued, it was a shock, even though I was very familiar with these suits as an attorney. If it’s YOUR NAME on the suit, it is different. You can stop lawsuits with bankruptcy, and a lawsuit may be the wake-up call you need to look at your options. When you’re sued, you can stop lawsuit with bankruptcy.

When you think about it, you shouldn’t be surprised. I knew I owed the debt I was being sued for. I knew I had not paid it, and I knew that the creditor had the legal right to sue me. Heck! I even knew the attorney suing me! But, I got no special treatment, and probably your creditors won’t work with you very much, if at all. That’s how they are.

Stop Lawsuit With Bankruptcy

You Can Stop A Lawsuit with Bankruptcy

When your creditors won’t work with you, it’s a real problem. When they sue you, it’s a threat to your survival. Once they get a court judgment against you, your paycheck and bank account are at risk. You may not be able to pay your car payment, and we know what comes next. One option is to stop lawsuit with bankruptcy. You can stop lawsuit with bankruptcy in Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13.

When you’re out of options and creditors won’t work with you, it’s normal to start searching for answers. Debt management programs are everywhere on the internet. You can even find some local credit counselors to talk to. None of them can help when you’ve been sued. Your best bet might be to stop the lawsuit with bankruptcy.

If you don’t owe the debt, then it would make sense to hire a lawyer to fight the lawsuit in court. This happens sometimes, but it’s pretty rare. In over 33 years, I’ve only seen a handful of cases where the money wasn’t owed. There may be some dispute about the amount, but owing the debt is generally not in question. You could hope they don’t show up and the court dismisses the suit, but this rarely happens. Normally its better to stop lawsuit with bankruptcy when you owe but cannot pay. Normally you have other debts that can be wiped out as well.

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Making Agreements with Creditors Doesn’t Stop the Lawsuit

Even if you try to work out a deal with the creditor, and this is sometimes possible, they STILL want to sue you and take a judgment against you. They hold this judgment over your head, and if you have made a payment agreement with the creditor and miss a single payment, you’re toast. The bank account can be wiped out, and you’ll soon be missing 25% of your paycheck. They can file the judgment against your real estate if you have any.

Better in most cases, to stop the lawsuit with bankruptcy. You can stop lawsuits with bankruptcy even after you have been sued. In fact, even after the creditor has a court judgment against you, you are still able to stop them from collecting on the lawsuit. Bankruptcy stops lawsuits and collections.

Most of the time, my clients who are sued have more than just one debt. This lawsuit is often the first of more to come. It’s like blood in the water and sharks. When one appears, others soon follow. I’ve seen it over and over again.

One Lawsuit Often Means More are Possible

This is why it is often a mistake for you to try to settle one lawsuit if others are likely to come on it’s heels. I’ve had quite a number of clients insist that we settle the suit and get a payment plan. They wanted to avoid filing bankruptcy. They knew they could stop the lawsuit with bankruptcy, but they wanted to avoid filing. So, we make a deal with the first creditor, and start a payment plan. Then comes the second creditor. So we do it again. Why not stop the lawsuits with bankruptcy? Wipe them all out, and get started on rebuilding your credit.

When you are sued, you can stop lawsuit with bankruptcy. One lawsuit typically means more are possible. Don’t wait. Get your options explained to you now, before time runs out.

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