Bankruptcy Attorney Review – (in under 5 minutes!)

If you are looking for the best bankruptcy attorney to help you solve you on your money problems, this little article will save you a TON of time.

In under 5 minutes, you’ll learn exactly what you need to know, and I’ll show you how to review bankruptcy attorneys in your area. See how they measure up against each other.

I’ve also written a longer article that reveals how you can psychoanalyze an attorney by examining his website – it’s like reading the attorney’s brain, without leaving your living room or ever having to actually go to his office or even talk to him. But I promised you a 5 minute analysis (you can read the longer article HERE, when you have 10 minutes) so, get ready . . . here’s the fastest way to find the best attorney to help you.

Review Bankruptcy Attorney – Step 1 – Who is the most hired attorney?

First, you want to know who OTHER PEOPLE ACTUALLY HIRE. There are lots of attorneys who say they do bankruptcy law. Who are the top attorneys? What are their “stats?”
Here are the actual filing records, direct from the United States Bankruptcy Court website:

  • Here is the current list for 2017 (Updated May, 2017)
    Number of Cases 2017Cases Filed 2017
  • Here are the stats for 2016
    Number of Cases 2016Cases Filed 2016
  • Here are the stats for 2015
    Number of Cases 2015Cases Filed 2015
  • Here are the stats for 2014
    Number of Cases 2014Cases Filed 2014

Review Bankruptcy Attorney – Step 2 – Read Reviews

Google makes it super easy to see what actual clients say about their experiences. Look at their reviews and see how many clients actually bother to leave one. Remember, average service often gets no reviews at all. When was the last time YOU took the time to leave a review when all you got was average service? Reviews only happen when someone is motivated by a really good (or bad) experience.

Here’s a summary of bankruptcy attorney reviews compiled from a Google search of each of the top five bankruptcy attorneys in Southern Ohio.

You can quickly review each bankruptcy attorney’s number of reviews, and the attorney’s website information is also listed. (Note: there is only one with over One Hundred reviews.)


Google Reviews

(Don’t forget! Read my article on how to psychoanalyze the attorney’s website – this is a “must read” before you review any bankruptcy attorney website!)

Review Bankruptcy Attorney – Step 3 – Which Attorneys Specialize in Bankruptcy?

First, you should know that in order to legally advertise as a “Specialist” the attorney – by Ohio Supreme Court Rules, must be Board Certified.

There are only a few Board Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Specialists in Southern Ohio. They are:

  • Richard West
  • Robert Goering
  • Henry Menninger Jr.
  • Andrew Ziegler

Some attorneys “limit their practice” (sort of a way to say they specialize without using the word, since they cannot legally do that) or state that “bankruptcy is all we do.” They have to do this because they are not board certified.

Not too many attorneys even do this. If you review bankruptcy attorney websites, you will see that most do all kinds of different things . . . family law, probate, etc.

Somewhat reminiscent of the old saying, “Jack of all trades . . . master of none?” That’s for you to decide, but ask yourself this – if your situation is serious, like, suppose, you had cancer, would you want to go to a general practice doctor, or a board certified specialist? If the stakes are high, you want every advantage you can get for a good outcome.

Review Bankruptcy Attorney – Step 4 – Your credit after the bankruptcy?

This is a huge concern. Bankruptcy, without more, does NOT help your credit. It’s not designed to do that. Bankruptcy only wipes out debt.

After bankruptcy, you need a proven program to rebuild your credit.

But bankruptcy lawyers are not taught this in law school. Credit rebuilding is not part of the bankruptcy process, yet, without it, you won’t achieve a financial recovery.

We’re running out of time! I promised you a 5 minute lesson on how to review bankruptcy attorneys, so I’ll cut to the chase, there is only one bankruptcy lawyer who is board certified, is also a certified credit counselor who has a proven program to rebuild credit after bankruptcy, and has been helping his clients get a full financial recovery, not just a bankruptcy discharge, for over 30 years.

Review Bankruptcy Attorney – Conclusion

There you have it! In only 5 minutes!

Actually, finding the best attorney to help you solve your money problems and get the financial recovery you seek is much the same process as we use for figuring out any problem these days.

See which attorneys are trusted by the most people, read reviews of the experiences others have had, and then do your research on the top picks from your list.

By checking out the attorneys who more people actually hire, you benefit from their research and experiences – this saves you a ton of time, and helps to avoid problems and making the wrong choice.

Read the reviews, compare how many reviews they have, how long the attorney has been in practice and if he is a recognized specialist, and finally if you get a credit recovery program as part of the representation.